Aspen 450 Large Arbor 
10-12 wt Large Arbor Reel

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The newest addition to the Aspen line is perfect for offshore sport fishing. It also can serve double duty and work flawlessly as a spey reel for a monster salmon.

Line weight – 10-12
Arbor – Large
Drag – Teflon and Stainless Steel disc
Reel Diameter – 4.50”
Reel Body Width – 1.51”
Spool Width - 1.14”
Spool Arbor Diameter – 2.30”
Retrieve – Left or Right
Weight – 8.9 oz
Line Capacity* – 11wt + 300yds of 30lb backing
*Line capacity is a minimum guideline only. Capacity will vary with different backing types. 

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