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75 lb. tarpon caught in Puerto Rico using the mid-arbor 400 fly reel mounted on an Echo BAG glass 10wt fly rod. Reel performed perfectly and was very smooth!                            

“Joe Warren breaking in his new Aspen 350M fly reel with a 37” lake trout during sub-freezing temperatures. The reel never skipped a beat. Freezing weather, no problem! Big fish, no problem!”

My boys- Dom and Vince on the upper Sacramento and a beautiful McCloud River rainbow. Tim

Tiger Muskie caught from Mayfield Res, WA, using the mid-arbor 400 fly reel, line pick up speed is quick and plenty of drag to put this predator in its place!

Nice fish caught on the Missouri River with an Aspen RE-1057 reel. Mark

Tyler catching big trout on the Aspen reel

Totally showed up the guys with my Aspen Reel. Diana

This fish was caught on Hot Creek, CA on a bead-head pheasant tail nymph and the Aspen 5-7 wt reel. Gianni

Great fishing on the Madison River! We put this reel to the test and it performed flawlessly. Tim

Catch and release on the 1057. The reel handled him well. Thanks,Chris

Nice fish caught in 22 inch browns but we did alright! Ted

21 inch brown on the 1057. Product testing for Paul

My aspen reel, oh yes, there's also me and a 20in brown. This particular day on the Provo river, I worked my apsen reel hard! Ken

“I landed this guy on Sunday evening and it gave the drag a good work out which, it handled very well.” Andy


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