Spool Removal Instructions:

1. Tighten drag knob.
2. Hold on to reel frame with fingers.
3. Push on spool thru reel frame windows with thumbs.
4. Reel spool will pop loose from main shaft.
5. Continue pushing until spool comes off shaft.
6. Replace by turning spool as you push on (do not force!)

Convert from LH Retrieve to RH Retrieve:

1. Remove Spool from reel frame.
2. Remove two 6-32 screws from spool cap using 5/64 hex wrench.
3. Lift off spool cap.
4. Pull one-way bearing out of spool.
5. Turn one-way bearing over and re-install.
6. Re-install spool cap.
7. Line up holes in spool cap and one-way bearing, install screws
8. Re-install Spool on to reel frame.

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